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Thank fakka the Bacca soap opera is over

This is my take on the saga and this comes from Italy.  Bacca deal was done (so wage rumour was bollocks) basically Sakho not going to WBA pulled the plug on the whole deal it’s as simple as that, nothing more nothing less.  Knowing Sullivan he probably used that moment to strike a lower wage deal and Bacca told them to fuck off. We move on…  P.s. Stop …

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Dwight: It’s not all your fault…

It would be easy for me to jump on Dwight Gayle’s back after yesterday’s 3-1 loss to West Ham, but I’m not going to. Dwight gave him a decision to make and he made it – everything that happened could easily be pinned on him but I think there’s more to it than that. Gayle’s ridiculous dismissal threw the whole game out of kilter but what it boils down to is nothing more than a bad day at

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